Department of Baltic and Lithuanian Cultural History

e-mail: Baltica@LKTI.LT

Head of Department – senior researcher, dr. Romualdas Juzefovičius

Main research themes:

1.  Ancient Baltic Culture: Non Material Heritage

supervisor – senior researcher, dr. Elvyra Usačiovaitė

The object of investigation – Lithuanian, Prussian, Yotvingian and religion of other Balts (gods, cults) on the basis of written sources (the reliability of chronicles and other documents are investigated separately) and on the basis of ethnological, linguistic data. The relevance of the topic is based on the origins of the Lithuanian culture rooted in ancient Baltic culture. Since Lithuania was finally christened only in beginning of the fifteenth century, old historical written sources (of the IX-XVII c.) captures many pagan religious relics: the names of the gods and rites. Exploring this historical heritage is very important to the cultural identity of Lithuania and other countries. Research topics is also important on the international level as well in investigations of the ancient European and Indo-European cultures. Topics personnel writes monographs, articles and dissertations, as well as participatesin foreign scientific internships, scientific meetings and publishes their articles abroad. Topics researchers publish a continuous edition „The Ancient Baltic Culture“ (9 books published) and organize conferences on regular basis (17 conferences).  The edition provides recent investigations and attracts the attention of readers both in Lithuania and abroad (it was peer-reviewed in the Italian, Slovenian  and Russian science press).

Research staff:

Rolandas Kregždys, dr., researcher
Mangirdas Bumblauskas, dr.,  junior researcher
Rimantas Balsys, dr.,  junior researcher

2. Cultural Activities of Lithuanian Intelligentsia: Individuals and Institutions                

supervisor – senior researcher, dr. Romualdas Juzefovičius

Research object consists of the heritage of Lithuanian personalities, state, public and private institutions and organizations, academic and artistic communities. Objective: to analyze and evaluate the significance of the most important Lithuanian personalities of the 19th – 21st century and their established institutions and organizations for the development of culture and science, to identify their educational contribution to the upbringing of social values. The research should develop Lithuanistic knowledge, propose new evaluations. Following the suggestions the European Commission it is sought to actualize investigations of the so called „third culture“, i.e., the processes of interaction between science, art and society, their origins and changes. In this sense the topic gains perspective due to its complexity.

Research staff:

Violeta  Davoliūtė-Opgenorth, dr., senior researcher
Henryka Ilgievič, dr.,  senior researcher
Margarita Matulytė, dr., senior researcher