Department of Comparative Culture Studies

The Department’s staff is composed of 9 research fellows: 
Academician, prof., habil. dr. Antanas Andrijauskas, chief researcher at the DepartmentDoctor of Humanities, professor, chief researcher at the Department
Dr. Vytautas Rubavičius, senior researcher
Dr. Loreta Poškaitė, senior researcher
Dr. Žilvinė Gaižutytė–Filipavičienė, senior researcher
Dr. Aivaras Stepukonis, senior researcher
Dr. Odeta Žukauskienė, senior researcher
Dr. Stanislavas Mostauskis, senior researcher
Dr. Salomėja Jastrumskytė, researcher
Dr. Nida Gaidauskienė, researcher
The Department has 3 PhD students: Ernestas Jančenkas, Paulius Kukis and Lina Gotautė
The Department is Lithuania’s leading research centre in the areas of comparative cultural studies and civilizational and philosophical comparativism. It hosts creative and productive scientists that have already published or prepared monographs and trained at the world’s largest universities and research centres.
The Department conducts academic research and educational activities (doctoral studies and academic qualification training). The main focus is provided for various inter-disciplinary studies and application of innovative approaches for research of contemporary culture. The department serves the goal of enshrining new principles for comparative research of culture, philosophy, and aesthetics, as well as outlining promising research strategies and methods.
The Department’s research activities address inter-civilizational interactions, comparative analysis of Western and non-Western cultures and thought traditions, comprehensive and comparative research of Lithuanian culture, its historical links with the processes of globalization and euro-integration, emphasizing not only the challenges to its national identity and culture, but also opportunities provided by euro-integration in order to pursue self-creativity of national cultures. The analysis of the features of Lithuania’s relationships with other civilizational worlds and the processes of cultural change driven by euro-integration forms a research priority. The Department provides developed infrastructure for such research and a venue for gathering of scientists into groups needed for new directions of research.
The Department coordinates four groups of researchers in the following areas: 1) cultural, civilizational and philosophical comparative studies; 2) regional and comparative Lithuanian culture; 3) aesthetics and art philosophy, and 4) Litvak culture.
Throughout the period of 2002–2017 the researchers of the Department published: 39 monographs, 56 collective editions, 65 studies, and over 960 academic articles.
The researchers of the Department publish the following continuous volumes: Kultūrologija (Culturology; 16 books), Rytai-Vakarai: Komparatyvistinės studijos (East-West: Comparative Studies; 14 books), Estetikos ir meno filosofijos tyrinėjimai (Research on Aesthetics and Art Philosophy; 4 books), Neklasikinė filosofija (Non-Classical Philosophy; 4 books), Lietuvos žydų kultūros tyrinėjimai (Studies of Lithuanian Jewish Culture; 2 books), Lietuvos kultūros tyrinėjimai (Lithuanian Culture Research; 2 books), as well as monographic series Bibliotheca Orientalia et Comparativa (18 books).
The Department regularly organizes national and international conferences on the topics of Lithuanian culture research, Euro-integration processes, non-classical philosophy, contemporary aesthetics and art philosophy, Jewish culture etc. There have already been held over 90 national and international academic conferences, usually 3–4 per year.
The Department’s researchers actively cooperate with many of the most famous comparative research centres in France, Japan, India, China, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, the US, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Russia etc.
The Department currently hosts National Science Award (acad. A. Andrijauskas) and State Culture and Art Award (dr. V. Rubavičius) laureates as well as 3 Lumen Fund Prize winners (acad. A. Andrijauskas, dr. A. Stepukonis, dr. S. Jastrumskytė), with its recent long-time researchers (prof. A. Beinorius  and prof. A. Uždavinys) also being its laureates.
Collective publications
Series: East-West: Comparative Studies
Series:  Research on Aesthetics and Art Philosophy

Series:   Non-classical philosophy

Series: Lithuanian Culture Research
Series: Studies of Lithuanian Jewish Culture
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Series:  Bibliotheca Orientalia et Comparativa (monographs)
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