Department of Contemporary Lithuanian Culture

Tel.: +370 5 275 3608, e-mail: DLK@LKTI.LT
Head of Department – PhD Aida Savicka
Research staff:
Assoc. Prof. PhD Stanislovas JUKNEVIČIUS
Assoc. Prof. PhD Rita REPŠIENĖ
Department researchers examine the shifts of Lithuanian culture in the context of European integration and globalization. The aim of interdisciplinary cultural research is to study the issues of the intersection of tradition and contemporary culture, to analyze the change of moral, aesthetic, and religious values in the context of intercultural communication processes induced by European integration, and to explore the issues of the development of the cultural industry under the conditions of virtual networking. The research is aimed at revealing the specificity and significance of globalization factors in solving the most actual social problems of contemporary Lithuanian society, and contributing to the formation and development of cultural policy.
Since 2011 the Department has been publishing the scientific journal Lietuvos kultūros tyrimai (Lithuanian Culture Studies). The peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal is an intellectual endeavor to create a new, vibrant cultural research space where the latest creative ideas are disseminated, the perspectives of Lithuanian culture are drawn, the most acute issues of Lithuanian cultural theory, methodology and history are addressed. The journal also fosters the debate genre, presents the most important cultural events, expands the field of critical and analytical reviews, provides an overview of the topical issues of international culture.
Since 2013 the Department has been publishing the scientific journal Sovijus: Tarpdalykiniai  kultūros tyrimai (Sovijus: Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture) as a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal for discussing important problems of cultural development, spread and interaction of different cultures, as well as for developing the new research fields of cultural studies. The journal contains articles and studies covering the issues of cultural theory, civilisational comparativistics, social and cultural anthropology, cultural memory, cultural psychology, and cultural sociology. Articles are published in Lithuanian, English and other languages commonly used by the academic community.
Main publications in English: