Department of Contemporary Philosophy

Tel.: (8~5) 275 5912, E-mail: SFS@LKTI.LT
Head – Assoc. Prof. dr. Naglis Kardelis
Danutė Bacevičiūtė, researcher, dr., Assoc. Prof.
Linas Jokubaitis, junior researcher, dr.
Nijolė Keršytė, senior researcher, dr., Assoc. Prof.
Andrius Konickis, senior researcher, dr.
Basia Nikiforova, senior researcher, dr.
Arūnas Sverdiolas, head researcher, dr. (hp), Prof.
Kęstutis Šapoka, senior researcher, dr. 
Audronė Žukauskaitė, head researcher, dr.
Laima Zinkutė, technical assistant
The main direction of scholarly investigations conducted at the Department is the research of contemporary Lithuanian philosophy. The theoretical and practical value of this research is based on the deep theoretical understanding and grounding of humanities in general and Lithuanian studies in particular, as well as the introduction of various aspects related to Lithuanian studies into the scholarly investigations of contemporary Lithuanian philosophy. A methodologically refined conception of the essence and meaning of Lithuanian studies as such, along with the broader understanding of the nature of humanities, provides a possibility to define more strictly and effectively the field of those problems that are relevant to contemporary Lithuanian philosophy, along with the capability to conduct the research into Lithuanian and world culture using new methodological instruments, constantly developing new methodological approaches and refining those that are already in use. Philosophical investigations conducted at the Department are employed as part of a broader interdisciplinary research in the context of contemporary humanities – the research that helps to reveal the most significant trends in the development of contemporary culture. The main research aspects related to Lithuanian studies and introduced into the philosophical investigations conducted at the Department are these: 1) a methodological aspect (the scholars of the Department provide a philosophical analysis of those methodological problems that are most relevant to the research of Lithuanian culture); 2) a practical aspect (the scholars of the Department provide a philosophical reflection of current societal and political processes in Lithuania); 3) an aspect of philosophical heritage (the scholars of the Department are conducting the research into the textual and other legacy of contemporary Lithuanian philosophers who are living or had lived in Lithuania and the philosophers of Lithuanian descent who are living or had lived abroad); and 4) an aspect of reception and dissemination of those ideas of world philosophy that communicate the fundamental values of Western civilization (the scholars of the Department are researching into, translating, commenting on and revealing the relevance of the most important texts of Western philosophy).   The Department consists of a group of creative and productive researchers who are able to reflect on those pressing challenges that are constantly emerging in global contemporary world. The philosophical investigations conducted by the Department’s researchers are not only related to all of the aforementioned Lithuanian aspects of contemporary Lithuanian philosophy, but also addressing those new global challenges that have an impact on both world culture and Lithuanian culture. The scholars of the Department are the authors of numerous original and highly innovative scholarly monographs, studies, and articles addressing the multifaceted problems of contemporary philosophy, as well as translators and editors of numerous writings of foreign philosophers. In order to insure the continuity and constant renewal of philosophical research, the scholars of the Department participate in the process of supervision of doctoral studies in the field of philosophy, thus ensuring a competent training of a new generation of young scholars. 
Main directions of the research conducted in the form of long-term research themes:
Main publications (monographs, collections of articles, compiled and edited books)
The Department also prepares and edits continual (mostly yearly) collections of scholarly articles and studies, hopefully to become in the future a yearly philosophical journal, Athena: filosofijos studijos [Athena: Philosophical Studies] (from 2006; ISSN 1822-5047; editors dr. Danutė Bacevičiūtė, dr. Naglis Kardelis, and dr. Audronė Žukauskaitė).