Department of Contemporary Philosophy

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Head of Department – senior researcher Dr. Naglis Kardelis

The researchers of the department focus on two topics. The first topic: Philosophical Investigations of the Contemporary Culture. The research object is Methodological Problematics and Contemporary Theories of Cultural and Social Philosophy. The objective is to develop and apply theories of cultural and social philosophy which would provide opportunities to reveal and to actualize core tendencies of the Lithuanian culture, to analyze and evaluate them, to reflect the challenges arising for Lithuania, Europeand all the Western civilization.

The second topic: The Spread of Western Philosophy in Lithuania. The research object of the topic consists of important philosophical texts having impact on the Lithuanian philosophy and culture as well as shaping the basic Western values. The objective of the research is to analyze and develop actual elements of the Western philosophical tradition, to examine and translate underlying texts of the Western philosophy, to produce Lithuanian philosophical language. The research results are supposed to provide grounds for closer relation of the Lithuanian philosophy to the Western philosophical context and basic landmarks of the Western philosophical thought.