Department of Music and Theater History

Tel.: +370 5 2755912, e-mail: MTS@LKTI.LT

Head of Department – senior researcher PhD Rasa Vasinauskaitė

The scientists of the department research the peculiarities and the development of Lithuanian music and theatre. The research object is evaluated in the context of European cultural life. Scientific research is carried out on two topics – “Research of the History of Lithuanian Music” and “Research of the History of Lithuanian Theatre”. The chronological framework expands from 19th to the 21st century.

In the topic of “Research of Lithuanian Music History” (supervisor – Laima Budzinauskienė) scientists continue a long lasting project “Lithuanian History of Music from Ancient Times to Present” which has been carried out by Lithuanian musicologists. As a result of this task a fundamental collective scientific monograph “Lithuanian History of Music. 19th century” is under preparation (ed. by V. Bakutytė Jauniškienė). Various areas of the 19th century musical culture will be covered: tendencies of sacral and secular music, musical criticism and publicist writing on music, teaching of music, musical culture of estates, activities of musical collectives and musical theatres, biographies of prominent creators.

The topic of “Research of Lithuanian Theatre History” (supervisor – Rasa Vasinauskaitė) aims to determine and systematize the peculiarity of the Lithuanian stage art development in the context of the theatre of the world, to analyze and systematize the legacy of Lithuanian theatre and its creators, to examine historical, theoretical and methodological aspects of theatre practice. The main research results will be reflected in the collective work “The Dictionary of the Contemporary Theatre: personalities, dates, terms” (ed. by R. Vasinauskaitė). It will be the first thematic and analytical theatre thesaurus in Lithuania presenting the main periods of Lithuanian and foreign theatre, its artistic forms and trends, personalities and concepts.

Research staff:

PhD Vyda Bakutytė Jauniškienė
PhD Laima Budzinauskienė
PhD Lina Klusaitė
DA Jūratė Landsbergytė Becher
PhD Vytautė Markeliūnienė
PhD Kamilė Rupeikaitė-Mariniuk
PhD Helmutas Šabasevičius
PhD Šarūnė Trinkūnaitė
PhD Rasa Vasinauskaitė

Selected publications:

XVI – XIX a. Lietuvos muzikinio gyvenimo atodangos[Exposures of Lithuanian Musical Life from 16th to the End of 19th Century (scientific editor, compiler and author Vida Bakutytė)], Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2014. ISBN 978-9955-868-70-5

Eimunto Nekrošiaus teatras. Pokalbiai, recenzijos, straipsniai / 1991–2010[Theatre of Eimuntas Nekrošius: interviews, articles, reviews] (Sudarytoja / ed. by Rasa Vasinauskaitė). Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2012.

Rimo Tumino teatras. Recenzijos, straipsniai / 1990–2010[Theatre of Rimas Tuminas: articles, reviews] (Sudarytoja / ed. by Šarūnė Trinkūnaitė). Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2012.

Gintaro Varno teatras. Pokalbiai, straipsniai, recenzijos / 1989–2009[Theatre of Gintaras Varnas: interviews, articles, reviews] (Sudarytojas / ed. by Helmutas Šabasevičius). Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2012.

Bakutytė, Vida. Vilniaus miesto teatras: egzistencinių pokyčių keliu. 1785–1915 [Vilnius City Theatre: Along the Path of Existential Changes (1785–1915)], Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2011.ISBN 978-9955-868-35-4

Vasinauskaitė, R. Laikinumo teatras. Lietuvių režisūros pokyčiai 1990–2001 metais [Theatre of Impermanence. Outline of Lithuanian Directing in 1990–2001]. Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas, 2010. ISBN 978-9955-968-27-9

Šabasevičius, H. A Concise History of Lithuanian Balet. Vilnius: Krantai, 2009. ISBN 978-9955-857-06-8

Lithuanian Theater(Project coordinators G. Aleknonis, H. Šabasevičius). Vilnius: Kultūros, filosofijos ir meno institutas, 2009. ISBN 978-9955-868-13-2