Department of the History of Lithuanian Philosophy

Tel.: 2755912, e-mail: LFIS@LKTI.LT

Head of Department – senior researcher Dr. Dalius Viliūnas

The topic of the department: Investigations of the History of Lithuanian Philosophy.

The research object: texts and non-textual philosophical forms created by Lithuanian philosophers in Lithuaniaand abroad. The objectives of the investigations are to unveil the picture of Lithuanian philosophy in its wholeness starting with the origins until the latest times, to define the most common tendencies of its development and their place in the context of the philosophy of the world, to define the significance of contemporary philosophy to Lithuanian culture and trace links between the theories created by philosophers in Lithuania and overseas. The research is supposed to reveal the historical development of the Lithuanian philosophy, to reconstruct actual but vaguely familiar and unexplored moments, to actualize Lithuanian philosophy by demonstrating its ties with the Lithuanian culture and development of state.