PhD, researcher
Born in Kaunas' district in 1972. In 1997 BA in Philosophy in Vilnius University. In 1999 MA in Philosophy in Vilnius University. 2000–2001 an assistent in Ethics laboratory in Vilnius Pedagogical University. 2000–2004 doctoral studies in the Lithuanian Institute of Philosophy and Sociology (from 2002 Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art). 2001–2017 lecturer at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Sciences of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. From 2004 a researcher at Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art  (from 2009 the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute). From 2018 a lecturer at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. In 2008 Ph.D. thesis The General Methodological Principles of Vytautas Kavolis Sociology of Culture. Areas of academic interests: Philosophy in the Lithuanian Diaspora, Philosophy of Social Sciences, History of Western Philosophy, Civilization Studies, Sociology of Culture and Art, Culture Studies and Social Psychology (sociologically oriented).
E-mail: Alvydas.Noreika@LKTI.LT
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