PhD, researcher
Researcher on Aesthetics. Born in 1951. Studied the history and theory of art at Vilnius Academy of Arts (then Lithuanian Art Institute). In 1986 defended her PhD thesis ʽThe Problem of Relationship Between Art and Reality in Lithuanian Aesthetics (1900–1940)’. In 1987–1990 worked in the Department of Art History the Institute of History, since 1990 in the Dapartment of Aesthetics, since 1992 in the Department of Cultural Identity at the Institute of Culture, Philosophy and Art.  Since 2009 works in the Department of History of Lithuanian philosophy at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute. In 1998–2000 read courses on history of Lithuanian aesthetics  at Vilnius University. Published over 40 articles on aesthetics in peer-reviewed editions, and over 50 art criticism articles. Member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association (since 1986). Main research interests: History of Lithunanian aesthetics, culture studies, art criticism. 
E-mail: Pille.Veljataga@LKTI.LT
Selected publications