Vygandas ALEKSANDRAVIČIUS - Junior researcher
Philosopher, currently specialising on the History of Lithuanian philosophy. Born in 1971. Studied Philosophy at Vilnius University Graduated as BA in 1993, and as MA in  1995. From 1997 to 2002, and since 2013 works at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, in the Department of History of Lithuanian Philosophy. Areas of major interest: History of Philosophy (XVIIth -XVIIIth centuries, Rousseau, Newton); Analytical philosophy of XXth century, focusing on Lithuanians R. Pavilionis, E. Nekrašas, A. Degutis; Lithuanian Continental philosophy and Phenomenology in America (A. Lingis, A. Mickūnas).
E-mail: Vygandas.Aleksandravicius@LKTI.LT
Major publications