Department of Art History and Visual Culture

Head of the Department: leading reseacher PhD (hp) Laima Surgailienė (Laučkaitė)
Research staff:
PhD Lina Balaišytė
PhD Erika Grigoravičienė
PhD (hp), prof. Giedrė Jankevičiūtė
PhD Auksė Kaladžinskaitė
PhD Jolita Mulevičiūtė
PhD Lijana Natalevičienė (Šatavičiūtė)
PhD Mindaugas Paknys
PhD Aistė Paliušytė
PhD Jolanta Širkaitė
The Department of Art History and Visual Culture of Lithuanian Culture Research Institute is the centre investigating Lithuanian history of art. The researches cover the period from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to the present day. According to historical periods there are two groups in the Department: the group investigating art of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (Lina Balaišytė, Auksė Kaladžinskaitė, Mindaugas Paknys, Aistė Paliušytė Lugovojienė) and the group investigating the art of XIX–XXI centuries (Erika Grigoravičienė, Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, Jolita Mulevičiūtė, Lijana Natalevičienė (Šatavičiūtė), Laima Surgailienė (Laučkaitė), Jolanta Širkaitė. 
The main research theme of the Department is Lithuanian History of Art and Visual Culture:
the object of the research is Lithuanian art of from XVI to XXI centuries analysed in the social, cultural, political, and economic contexts. The research covers both artistic production and processes of artistic life, concentrates on the role of the state and of various social and ethnic groups in the production and consumption of art, and is also targeted at the development of artistic institutions (art schools, societies, museums, exhibitions, etc.). The research also includes the studies of visual culture, connections between art and visual media (photography, mass media, etc.) and investigates the production, spread and consumption of images in various historical periods. 
Selected publications:
Applied reseach publications:
Since 2017 the Department is implementing the programme Research of Lithuanian Art, Music and Theatre: Heritage, New Phenomena, Contexts
It is the long lasting programme of scientific research, social and cultural development; duration 2017–2021, head of the programme Dr. Dalia Vasiliūnienė. The main goals of the programme are:
to discover the previously unknown Lithuanian artistic legacy of art, music and theatre, the objects of heritage as well as phenomena of contemporary art and include into the sphere of scholarly research;
to reseach the related historical texts and sources, 
to integrate the history of Lithuanian art, music and theater into European contexts of development and theoretical reflection;
to update the art studies methodologically so that their outcomes could respond to the needs and challenges of today's society.
In the theme of art of Great Dutchy of Lithuania: to study of works of art and written sources, their historiography and the development of theoretical reflection in order to:
In 2012–2017 the Department was implementing the programme Lithuanian art legacy: images, texts, contexts.

Main publications:
In 2005–2016 the Department published academic bibliographical edition Lietuvos dailininkų žodynas / Dictionary of Lithuanian Artists
Selected publications on the theme:
Department also issues the annual number of the scholarly journal Menotyra/ Studies in Art, issued by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. In 2010–2015 Editor-in-Chief was Dr. prof. Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, editorial secretary Dr. Lina Balaišytė.
Since 2004 the Department is publishing the scholarly series Dailės istorijos studijos/Studies of Art History: